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& we headhunt for Senior vacancies in Online Marketing & E-commerce

As we dare to say ‘No’, we can strongly say ‘Yes’. We don’t want to be the biggest. We want to work with the best, built on long lasting partnerships and provide extra service for returning customers. SQIQ focusses on the top of the market and we select our ‘best off’ network on both intelligence (IQ) as social effectiveness (SQ). We exclude doubt by daring to choose, and we choose:

  • Focus on Online Marketing & E-commerce. We prefer being the best in little over average in many
  • A limited number of assignments and customers. More attention equals the highest succes rate
  • The best network of Interim Professionals. We don’t believe in big, it’s our ambition to be the best

INTERIM – the best in temp

SQIQ mediates for the best Interim Professionals in Online Marketing & E-commerce. We don’t believe in being the biggest, it is our daily mission to be better. We offer our clients flexibility in knowledge in the continuously changing Digital market; we offer this flexibility quickly with the best selection of candidates included. And what we offer our Interim Professionals is simply: attention.

Looking for the best interim professionals?

We have a high quality network of Digital Interim Professionals. We can quickly and effectively react on requests from clients for the best Online Marketing & E-commerce Specialists and Managers. Are you tired of piles of profiles in your mailbox and feeling like you are still doing the selection yourself?

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Looking for an interim opportunity?

Would you like us to approach you for interim assignment at clients of SQIQ and become part of our ‘best off’ network? We would like to have a chat with you! The worst that can happen is that we try to get to know you, try to understand you, and possibly approach you for an interim assigment that really suits you.

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EXECUTIVE SEARCH – exclusivity included

We believe in making choices and therefore only mediate for permanent positions at senior level. The Managing Partners of SQIQ work as Headhunters and focus on a limited number of exclusive permanent assignments at a time. Next to managing SQIQ and working on our mission to being the best in mediating for Digital Interim Professionals we gladly connect our network of Managers and Directors to our key clients.

Looking for the best digital candidate?

The Digital market changes quickly. That’s why we offer flexibility in knowledge with the best Digital Interim professionals. At senior level we also offer our executive search activities. The Managing Partners have a highly personal network of Managers and Directors with whom they are regularly in touch about their next career step.

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Looking for your next career step?

Next to managing SQIQ, the owner Rutger also stays close to his wish to being in touch with candidates and organizations, advise them and preferably really understand all parties. We are more than happy to have a chat with you about the progress of your career and exchange thoughts about your possible next step.

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Meet the team

Personal in online.

Rutger works goal oriented, he is a man of his word, and lives by his rule ‘rather very good in little then a little good in many’.

rutgervanderlaan@sqiq.nl +31 6 55 38 18 74
Rutger van der Laan - Owner, Headhunter -

Quirijn brings positive energy and thinks further then the standard solution. She’s really organized and has a hands-on mentality.

quirijndegeus@sqiq.nl +31 6 38 20 16 58
Quirijn de Geus - Consultant Sales & Search -

Frederieke is the perfect addition to the SQIQ team with her flexible attitude. This happy face is not afraid to make the right decisions.

frederiekeverhoeven@sqiq.nl +31 6 53 12 88 02
Frederieke Verhoeven - Consultant Operations & Search -

Met zijn enthousiaste houding en technische achtergrond regelt Francois alle online zaken. Hij is een echte doorpakker en nooit bang om nieuwe dingen te proberen.

francoisdegier@sqiq.nl +31 6 29 39 91 92
Francois de Gier - Stagiair Online -


Wil jij wat leren én bijverdienen, de theorie van je studie eindelijk eens in de praktijk brengen, en heb je affiniteit met recruitment en/of Online Marketing en E-commerce? Kom dan bij SQIQ werken!

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