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and headhunts for senior vacancies in Online Marketing and E-Commerce

We offer our clients flexibility in knowledge in the innovation-driven Digital market. SQIQ helps them quickly through its select interim network and provides them with only the best available interim professionals. With our interim professionals we share entrepeneurship. SQIQ helps them in their career by approaching them with only suitable interim assignments and by paying extra attention to our shared growth and success.

SQIQ saves their clients time by offering the best and therefore excluding interviews with unfit candidates.
Because we dare to say ‘No’, we can say ‘Yes’ with even more power. That is why SQIQ chooses for:

  • Focus on Digital. We prefer being the best in one thing over being average in a lot. We are Online Marketing and E-Commerce specialists, this is how we recognise the best in our industry even faster.
  • The highest succes rate. We work on a maximum ammount of requests at any given time to ensure our utmost attention. Therefore we can guarantee that we always find you a fitting candidate (100% delivery within a week).
  • A select network. Our “best off” interim network is selected on social efficiency (SQ) and intelligence (IQ). It works through its high quality, not its size – our network is compact and efficient.

INTERIM – the best in temp

Our clear “best off” interim network is divided into various Online Marketing and E-Commerce disciplines. With it we maintain contact regularly and structurally. We prove that bigger is not always better. Always knowing when the best candidates are available, that is what seperates us.

Looking for the best interim professional?

We have a high quality network of Digital interim professionals. SQIQ is always ready to help its clients at any time, to find the right Online Marketing and E-commerce specialists and managers and make them available on short notice. Don’t want piles of profiles and CVs in your mailbox but still want to be sure you’re in contact with the best?

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Looking for an interim opportunity?

Want SQIQ to approach you with interim jobs? By becoming part of our “best off” interim network we can act as an extension to your freelance career. We will only approach you with jobs that truly fit you. Want to be more than just your CV and be registered with an agency that sees you as a person too?

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We believe in making choices, we therefore only mediate in permanent positions on exclusive basis and on Senior level. SQIQ’s owner, Rutger van der Laan, personally works as a headhunter on fullfilling a limited ammount of permanent vacancies. Our network of Senior Online Marketeers, E-commerce Managers and Digital Directors is at the disposal of our key clients.

Looking for the best digital candidate?

The Digital market is fast and ever changing. This is why we offer flexibility in knowledge with the best interim professionals. On Senior level we offer executive search activities too. Rutger has a very personal network of Managers and Directors, with whom he is regularly in contact about the next steps in their careers.

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Looking for your next career step?

Besides managing SQIQ, owner Rutger stays close to his wish to stay in contact with candidates and companies, advising them and preferably throughly understanding them. He is happy to spend his time talking about your career growth. We don’t have tons of vacancies, we do have you as our priority.

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Personal in Online

Rutger works goal oriented, he is a man of his word, and lives by his rule ‘rather very good in little then a little good in many’.

rutgervanderlaan@sqiq.nl +31 6 55 38 18 74
Rutger van der Laan - Owner, Headhunter -

Frederieke is the perfect addition to the SQIQ team with her flexible attitude. This happy face is not afraid to make the right decisions.

frederiekeverhoeven@sqiq.nl +31 6 53 12 88 02
Frederieke Verhoeven - Consultant Operations & Search -

Met haar gedrevenheid en kritische blik versterkt Lilian het SQIQ-team.

Lilian van Ommeren - Financieel Medewerker -

With his enthousiastic attitude and technical background, Francois takes care of Online. He is a hard worker that’s never afraid to try new things.

francoisdegier@sqiq.nl +31 6 29 39 91 92
Francois de Gier - Stagiair Online -


Do you want to learn and earn some extra money? Bring the theory from your studies into practice? Do you have affinity with recruitment and/or Online Marketing and E-commerce? Come work for SQIQ!

Check the job offer for the full description!


Onze nieuwe werkstudent? - Werkstudent | Sales -

Is average not enough for you and do you have a talent for seeing through candidates and/or clients?

Then SQIQ is the place for you!

Read the full job offer here!

Onze nieuwe Consultant? - Consultant | Fulltime -

Weet jij van wanten als het aankomt op commercie, online marketing en recruitment? Ben je niet bang om in het diepe te springen, fouten te maken en snel te leren? Dan zoeken wij jou!

Wij zoeken een winnaar!

Bekijk de vacature voor de gehele functieomschrijving

Onze nieuwe Stagiair? - Stagiair - Fulltime -

Zoek jij dé ideale bijbaan, wil jij meegroeien met een hard groeiende start-up, en heb je affiniteit met commercie, recruitment en/of online marketing?

Wij zoeken een Werkstudent!

Bekijk de vacature voor de gehele functieomschrijving


Onze nieuwe werkstudent? - Bijbaan || Parttime -

Ben je commercieel gedreven, werk jij graag vanuit vrijheid en eigen verantwoordelijkheid, is gemiddeld niet genoeg voor jou en streef jij altijd het beste na?

Wij zoeken een Commercieel Consultant!

Bekijk de vacature voor de gehele functieomschrijving

tesshoens@sqiq.nl +31 6 46 42 70 10
Onze nieuwe Commercieel consultant? - Commercieel Consultant | Fulltime -
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